seed technology

Seed Germinator (single Chamber)

Temperature range 5° C to 50° C. Temperature controlled by Digital temperature indicator cum controller in the variation of ± 1° C. Chamber with 14 perforated trays. Chamber is provided with stainless steel water reservoir at bottom. Humidity from 90 to 95 % ± 3 % (not adjustable) Double-walled inside made of anodized Aluminium/ stainless steel and outside. Mild steel painted in epoxy powder coating. To work on 220/230 volts 50 cycles A.C. only.
Chamber Size: 555 (W) x910 (H) x605 (D) mm Capacity: 308 ltrs.
a) Chamber & trays made of Anodized Aluminium
v b) Chamber & trays made of highly polished Stainless Steel
i) Automatic 0-24 hour’s timer to regulate cyclic illumination conditions.
Ii) Automatic voltage stabilizer 3KVA (recommended)

Seed Germinator (double Chamber)

For cooling a sealed compressor unit has been provided below the chamber to work independently.
Each chamber size 555 (W) x910 (H) x605(D) mm
a) He ting and cooling in separate chamber made of anodized Aluminium.
b) As in (a) but chamber made of stainless steel sheet.
d) Heating and cooling in both chamber and chambers made of anodized Aluminum.
E) Heating and cooling in both chamber and chambers made of Stainless Steel Sheet.
i) Automatic 0-24 hour’s timer to regulate cyclic illumination conditions.
ii) Automatic voltage stabilizer 3KVA (recommended)


Inside made of stainless steel sheet. Outside mild steel sheet with finished in white stoving enamel/powder coated paint with mat finished colour combinations. Fitted with cooling, heating and lighting arrangements. Temperature range 5° C to 50° C ± 1° C. Temperature can be obtained from 15° C to 50° C ± 1° C when all lights from two sides and top are. Temperature is controlled by DUAL temperature for day and night. Above Growth chamber is complete with Humidity control from 55% to 95 % RH. Light intensity can be adjusted controller according to requirement and Humidity shall be controlled by Humidistat. Complete with 0-24 hours. Timer. To work on 220/230 volts 50cycles A.C. Only
Sizes: W H D Capacity in cft. Capacity Approx.
a) 570 x 875 x 550mm 10cu.ft. 280 ltrs.
b) 775 x 900 x 775mm 20cu.ft. 560 ltrs.
c) 825 x 1200 x 825mm 30cu.ft. 840 ltrs.
d) 900 x 1720 x 800mm 45.8cu.ft. 1282 ltrs.
E) 1200 x 1200 x 1200mm 64.0cu.ft. 1792 ltrs. OPTIONAL:
Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (recommended)

Seed Dryer

cabinet size4", 3"x2"x2" digital panelDigital Temperature controller-cum-indicator Double walled, inner made of Anodized Aluminum, outer made of Mild steel enamel painted, properly insulated, Provided with metallic insulated door with best quality hinges, handle synthetic gasket, etc. Inner chamber is provided with perforated shelves, chamber is provided with heating elements made of wire with temperature Indicator with fan. Temperature from ambient to 120� C.


It has double door at front, allowing wide range for storage of various seeds under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. This double walled unit has outer chamber made of M. S. Duly enamel painted and inner chamber is made of stainless steel.

Tissue Culture Rack

Made out of tubular M.S. Pipes/tubular aluminium pipe duly painted for longer life. Each rack of size 48x21 (Depth) is covered with thick unbreakable flexi glass/helyem Sheet. Distance between each rack is 15. Each rack is fitted with 4 fluorescent tubes, 4 bulbs and one U.V germidal light. Copper chokes are fitted on a separate wooden plank fitted with castor wheels at its base, so that the chokes can be placed out side the tissue culture room, if desired, so as to avoid heat dissipation inside the air conditioned room, which is must. Exhaust fan is fitted to the box to throw out the heat generator from the chokes. The panel box fitted with on/off switches and 0-24 hrs. Timer ) To work on 220/230 Volts 50 cycles A.C. only.