audio visual instruments

audio visual projector

Latest, improved & versatile model.
strips35mm film strips
slide2"x2" slide
slide3"x1" microslides
illumintaion24v - 150W

automatic slide projector

Automatic Slide Projectors - 5000 Series are economical, compact in functional design & easy to operate. Their excellent optical performance and useful features impart that confident anticipation of a successful showing of beautiful slides. The Autofocus setting can be readily adjusted with over-ride button on the remote control unit. Precise focusing takes place automatically with amazing speed. A perfect slide changing mechanism & an accurate slide grip move the slides into the projection gate smoothly & with utmost protection.

overhead projector low voltage

A most compact, light weight and sturdy model, fitted with low voltage Halogen Lamp (24 volts 250 watts) through transformer. It can be used for long duration due to less heat generation. Halogen lamp and fresnel lens ensure optimum brightness in projection and efficient thermostatic controlled cooling system is provided. Projection writing stage of 250 x 250 mm size & is made from thick M. S. Sheet. The projection head with elevation device and sensitive focusing can be done through rack & pinion. When switched on, the interlocked light control switch provides protection to the lamp against voltage surge. it also helps to get desired intensity of light. Supplied complete in sturdy card board box with cellophane roll and its attachment, cleaning cloth, vinyl cover and operating instructions.

portable overhead projector

It is a folding type overhead projector which folds in seconds to carry comfortably in a molded luggage carrying case. Smooth effortless focusing with 3 element high definition vary-focus lens, picture sharpness compensator guarantees a brilliant picture with resolution and optimum contrast. It is provided with twin 24V 250 watts Halogen Bulbs. Even if one lamp fails, the twin lamp switch over facility enables you to change the lamp instantly. The mini Turbo cooling fan protects the projector mechanism without disturbing the audience. It is also provided with a thermal cutout to protect mirrors, lamps and lenses. Fresnel lens A4 size (285x285, hard coated and scratch resistant is provided. Supplied in molded luggage carrying case.

microslide projector

The structure of Microscopic specimens become visible to naked eyes by taking the projection on the screen. Recommended for Educational purposes.
Magnification100x , 200x , 300x FocusingCoarse & fine Motion Knobs on the both sides Projection Head360 A Rotatable Light House24V-150W (220V/110V) CoolingFan cooled

compact folding overhead projector

Projects bring and sharp image from hand written illustration graphs, pictures and diagrams on transparent material. gives uniforms illuminations even at highly elevated positions of the image. No need for dimming lights. With best optics and rigid quality control. Continuous writing from top to bottom or left to right on 15meter long cellophane roll. Colling system to projector overheating self lubricating type motor, the stage temperature is maintained at 45C approx. Thermocole packing for safety during transportation and idle time.
Projection LensOne Element 254mm Condenser SystemFrensnel Condenser Projection Lamp24V-250Watt Stage ApertureA4 size(285x285mm) Lumens1600 Cooling SystemBlower Cooled Power CableDetachable Power Cable Lamp Safetylow/high switch FocusingFine Focusing with rack & pinion mechanism FoldingFolding Arms Power SourceAC 220-240V

senior overhead projector

Projection LensOne element, f-300mm OptionalThree element, 275-320mm Condenser SystemFresnel Lens (Deluxe) Projection Lamp24V-250W (Twin Lamp) Lamp ChangerBy Shifter Assembly Power SourceAC 220-240V, 50Hz Stage Aperture250mmx250mm Optional285mmx285mm ReflectorGlass Reflector FocussingMetal, Rack & Pinion Projection DistanceEffectively 1 to 4 Mtrs Cooling SystemAxial Blower Cooled Safety InterlockPower is cut off automatically when top cover is opened. Power CableFixed Power Cable having provision for storage Lamp Safety/RegulatorHigh-Low Intensity Switch for Lamp FoldingFolding - Type provided with handle to carry around. Detachable Parts. Dimensions340x310x250mm AccessoriesCellophane Roll Atachment, Writing Pack, Vinyl Cover etc. PackingSturd Cardboard Box OptionalWooden Storing Cabinet Optional AccessoriesOHP Stand, Cellophane Roll, OHP Mount, Laser Pointer, Halogen Bulbs, Plywood Cabinet, Transparency Making Kit, OHP Trolley, Projection Screens, Film Slides & Strips Attachment

slide projector with audio kit

It is very easy to operate 35mm slide projector 24V/250W halogen lamp medium & high lumens and efficient cooling system. It is used in Conference Rooms, Training Centres, Educational Institutions and many other stage show. Constructed with aluminium & mild steel and good electronic component.
Microphone Sensitivity 72dB
Frequency Response 100 to 1000Hz.
Output Impedemce 600Ohms
Packed in cardboard with vinyl cover.

high performance slide projector

Advanced optics, Brilliant Projection for Conference Rooms,Training Centres, Educational Intitutions. PHYSILAB's 35mm manually operated slide projector is specially designed for economic slide presentation. PHYSILAB's slide projector is easy to handle and convenient to carry. Useful for schools, Communications, Conference Rooms, Training Centres, Educational Institutions.
echnical Specifications DesignCompact, Sturdy Aluminium Body Power Supply220-240Volts 50Hz Power Consumption200 Watt maximum Lens85mm, F/2.8 Light Source150Watt/24Volts Halogen Lamp MotorContinuous Heavy Duty Dimension250x190x120mm