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Micro Strip Training Kits

We are providing Micro Strip Training Kits that is assured to have international quality standards. These micro strip trainer kits are known for assisting the student to investigate the principles of micro strip technology. To illustrate the essential principles of this field of study, the high precision bench to system uses up to date micro strip components. These are specially designed to use with basic test equipment such as a dual DC supply and a digital multimeter. We also offer VCO and detector along with a calibration curve chart. Further, these systems are also equipped with student manuals and a well designed carrying case. Some of the salient features of our Micro Strip Training Kits are following:
Latest microwave technology
2.4GHZ to 3.4GHZ VCO
2 to 4 GHZ PIN DIODE modulator
No ancillary test equipment required
Safe low power output
Components identified with inscribed reference number
Power source and detector action
Action of a 3-port circulator
Insertion loss measurement on a low-pass filter
Measurement of return loss, reflection coefficient and VSWR of a filter, micro strip and commercial matched loads
Properties of a power divider and rat-race coupler
Effective dielectric consultant/line loss measurement with a ring resonator
Dc biasing and MMIC amplifier investigations
Pin diode modulator investigations
Microwave radio link and antenna investigations

Microwave Training Kit

Gunn oscillator9-11Ghz, P = 15Mw Slide crew tuner coefficient of adjustable voltage standing wave20~1.06 Slotted line range of working frequency8.2Ghz ~ 12.4Ghz Coefficient of VSWRMoving distance of probe: 40 mm Crystal detector range of frequency8.2Ghz ~ 12.4Ghz Coefficient adjustable voltage standing wave1.05 Frequency meter frequency range8.2Ghz ~ 12.4Ghz Error0.3% (9.5,10,10.5,11 four points) Variable attenuator frequency range8.2Ghz to 12.4Ghz attenuation ranger 0~2 db Measurement accuracy+ 4db VSWR Coefficient 1.25 Fixed attenuator20db+ 5db S 1.15 erminator coefficient of standing wave1.05 Wave to coax adapter coefficient of standing wave1.05 We offer Microwave Training Kit that are three centimeter waveguide training system and are widely appreciated by the clients. These are used to provide in depth training on microwave waveguide device. It is also helpful to understand the transmission characteristics of the frequency and universal frequency band width in the X series. Using this kit, the experimental demonstration of frequency can be done in simple method. Radio communication system can also used for high quality long distance calls through satellite. Performance based on the high frequency microwave propagation direction, following are some of the features of our microwave system:
Similar to light
Optimum immune function reduces high intensity microwave frequency noise during long distance transmission
Effective lea-ming tool
Simple and flexible installation component
Easy to carry and transport
Offers functional demonstration experiment and related to the applications of spectrum, horn antenna transmitting and receiving
Remaning Specifications:
Metal stand 8 pc fixed height: 63 mm
Power supply 12volts
Hybrid tee S2
Directional coupler center frequency coupling:10db+2db directional=20db
VSWR coefficient: main, auxilary line 1.25
Horn antenna gain:>14db; VSWR: 1.30
1KHZ square generator 1K+5%
Wave guide crankle section 90*, VSWR 1.15
List of experiments:
Measurement of dielectric constant of solid
Measurement of dielectric constant of liquid
Measurement of Phase shifter

Microwave Lab Training Modules

Microwave Lab Training Modules

Study Of Microwave Components

Study of microwave components (magic T, directional coupler, isolator, circulator).

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