visual equipment


Fabricated out of grain tool steel, heat treated and tested for micro structures, both slide wedges with back & handle.

L-MOULDS (Embedding Moulds)

Made of brass alloy heavy duty and polished.
size(mm) 37 x 25 x 15 pair 50 x 25 x 15 pair 75 x 30 x 19 pair


Useful for preparing specimen of big size in Anatomy and Meat Departments. Fitted with large moving table and extension table operated on four ball-bearing rollers. Used extensively in the meat packing, and wholesale fish industry, for handling sword fish and large halbutes etc. The table is made of thick S.S. Sheet with special heavy axles for easy and firm movement. Supplied complete with one blade, starter, cord and plug, work on 220 V, single phase, AC supply.
Size of Cutting Table785x585 mm Total Table Travel1245 mm Extension Table455x760 mm Size of Wheel455 mm Height1700 mm

Cadaverous Injector

For injection formaldehyde solution in cadaverous at much higher speed than normal gravity process. Unit is fully covered mounted on a portable trolley having four castor wheels for easy movement. Unit consists of one air compressor fitted with 1/2, hp motor which is connected a with stainless steel tank of 10 liters capacity meant for storing and injecting the solution. Tank is fitted with a safety valve, pressure gauge and rubber tubing having provision for injection. Supplied complete with electric cord, plug and works on 220 Volts, single phase 50 Hz power supply.

U.v. Chromatography Inspection Cabinet

It has double door at front, allowing wide range for storage of various seeds under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. This double walled unit has outer chamber made of M. S. Duly enamel painted and inner chamber is made of stainless steel.
u.v.tube365 mm long wave power220 v ac colorblack & white


Electrically or oil fired incinerator (only first two sizes can be supplied fully electrically operated and other sizes shall be supplied oil fired (LDO). These incinerators are suitable for inciration of pathological waste. Cost of chimney included.
a)5-8 Kg.
b)10-15 Kg.
c)25-35 Kg.


The cabinets are fabricated out of thick board duly laminated sheet clad. The work table is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet and is fitted with U.V. germicidal Light, static pressure manometer, Exhaust system (suitable for 6 feet duct) and virus burn out unit. Side panels are made out of thick transparent flexi glass duly framed. The unit is fitted with pre- filter and HEPA filter. Air is drawn through pre- filter and is made to pass through highly effective HEPA (High efficiency particular Air) filter heaving efficiency retaining all air borne particles of size 0.3 micron and larger. Using a dynamic balancing machine, the bowler and the motor assembly is statically and dynamically balanced. Motor of 1/5 H.P. Capacity operates with minium noise level. The working area is illuminated by fluorescent lighting fitted to the unit. In addition to the above features of a standard vertical Laminar Flow Bench, the, EDUTEKTM Bio-safe cabinets has arrangement for recirculating a part of the air thus creating highest level of clean air. The unit is also convertible to the conventional vertical laminar flow bench with download air flow by fitting the sliding front door upwards. Air is sucked through the pre-filter and the excess aor is thrown out from the trough a HEPA filter of size 1x1x6. Supplied with glove ports and gauntlets, HEPA filter, pre-filter, U.V. Light and fluorescent light.
working size2x2x2 3x2x2 4x2x2 6x2x2 size of HEPA filters2x2x6X3x2x6 4x2x6 3x2x6 No of HEPA filters1 1 2 2 illumination1x20W 1x20W 1x30W 1x30W optional
Virus burn out unit
Exhaust Ducting (per running feet)
Gas Burner

Garment Storage Cabinet (vertical Flow)

Self standing providing dawn flow air to clean room garments. Recommended in clean room for storage of materials. Suitable for pharmaceuticals, hospitals and o/t, electronic industry etc. Supplied complete with hepa filter & pre filter, motor etc. But with static pressure manometer, u. V. Germicidal light, flourescent light.
Working size3x2x54x2x5 Size of HEPA filters3x1x64x1x6 No. Of HEPA filters1 1 No. Of pre filter1 2